Our certified operators have experience transporting many types of special vehicles including vintage & classic cars, hot rods, tuner cars, luxury cars, sports cars, exotic vehicles, RV trailers, motorcycles, and more.

The right equipment

Our modern equipment utilizes the latest technology - the LCG™ (Low Center of Gravity)series of flatbed car carriers from Miller Industries. The LCG™ series has a deck height that is 5” lower than conventional flatbeds. This creates a lower load angle, making the LCG ideal for loading low-clearance vehicles or equipment. Our air ride suspension unit can also deflate its rear suspension, achieving an even lower load angle with its LCG flat bed.

As car enthusiasts, we understand how important your vehicle can be to you. You don't want to hand the keys to your pride and joy to just anyone - you need someone you can trust. That's why "We Baby Your Baby"! We transport your baby with the same care and attention to detail you would give.


"We Baby Your Baby" since 1990

Our operators are Wreckmaster certified. Wreckmaster, "Towing's Seal of Excellence" is an industry leader in training & education. Certification is not currently a legal requirement or industry standard, but we take pride in dispatching formally trained operators to transport your special vehicle.​

We take pride in transporting your special vehicle with professionalism, stressing safety and damage-free towing. Contact us to ensure your baby is handled with care for your next tow!

The right Training

Our operators can load low clearance vehicles faster and with less risk of damage using the LCG equipment in our fleet of flat bed carriers. The lower deck height also allows for the transport of forklifts, man-lifts, or other types of taller loads that may be over-height on a conventional carrier.  ​